patagonia777: What countries would be on your short list to visit?

JAPAN! Italy, Paris, Morocco

legendofmut: Niice. Is that what introduced you ? Cuz if so, pretty great start. Different from regular. 😎👍🍌

Nah I think I just picked up on the hip hop sound, and stuck with it from a young age.

But since then, I haven’t really sat down and looked for music like that like I used to. I admit I usually just steal my boyfriend’s music now a days haha.

But thanks man!

legendofmut: First hip hop album ever bought/gifted/stole or basically just owned? 😎

Awh man, if we’re talking that far it was probably this pete rock and cl smooth burned cd a friend gave to me back in middle school. Haha I don’t know how I remembered that too, that was so long ago.

patagonia777: ever traveled abroad?

Nah, that would be lovely though.

legendofmut: Hannibal Burress is one funny dude, right?

Lmao this was random.